Hopped up on Chocolate and L-O-V-E

Valentine's Day in a High School is a whole new ball game.  The amount of money spent on roses and dinner plans for these teens is amazing.  I have never seen so many GINORMOUS teddy bears, balloons, and bouquets of flowers.  Even the guys were sporting it too.  I had two boys in my class with balloons that could barely get through the door...and one was even a singing balloon (that was fun).  Today's hyper energy is a definite tie with the night before a giant snow storm and snow day.  Perhaps the winner.  Kids all hopped up on chocolate and L-O-V-E.  And making out in the hallway as if they were heading off to war.  Its 50 minutes kids.  Five. Zero.  You will see your crush and one & only love very soon. 

Either way...I must say that my highlight of all the roses was the beautiful bouquet delivered to our house from Gator Guy.  Quite a catch I snatched for myself....in high school.  (I swear....we were soooo not that couple on Valentine's day.)


  1. I saw the biggest Victoria Secret bag EVER. I don't know what you could buy at Victoria Secret that would result in a bag that big. Someone probably got pregnant last night.

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