Dear NFL,

As I begin my day today, I have a new sense of comfort and relief about us.  As you know, you and I have a special relationship.  You are there for me at home, in person, on the radio, and more importantly in my heart.  And even though we always spend a little time apart over the summer, I felt completely lost with the thought of you not coming back to me this fall.  I felt incomplete.  I felt empty.  

Already last night and this morning, you are more present than ever.   You give me updates about our future and there seems to just be a buzz about you.  You listened to what I needed and I can definitely see that you are making an effort which means the world to me.  NFL, we have been through so much together.  From the early days when I couldn't put down the Bronco Brick, the memories of our Deja Vu Championship, the freezing cold games in the snow, the tears when I was pregnant when you scored, and games when I lost my voice from pure excitement.  We have been through it all.  

So, I am sorry that I doubted you coming back to me this fall.  But it just shows me more and more that I cannot live with out you. complete me.  You make me whole.  And I cannot wait for a beautiful season to come.  



  1. I was seriously getting worried there wouldn't be any fantasy football this fall... that would be heartbreaking!

  2. Yeah. Yeah. Football. Your Broncos suck and so does NO Throw Tebow and my Atlanta Falcons rule.

    Ok, I am starting the shit talking NOW!

  3. This...brought a tear to my eye. I feel like there is a refreshed pep in my step knowing that there will be football come...Wednesday.

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