Rules for My BFF's Boys

As I begin to plan my Dearest A's bachelorette party, I am reminded of just how happy I am for her and her soon-to-be-hubby.  I was even lucky enough to have my very first photo shoot with them and play  around with some pictures.

But it also reminded me of my Three Rules for My BFF's Boyfriends, Fiances, Husbands, and Lovers (or lovas). 

I suggest that you adopt the following policies for your BFFs as well:

1.  She Must Light Up - You know it when you see it.  And it's not that they are all over each other and sitting on eachothers laps in public (which by the way I cannot freaking stand...Find another chair people - it's not that hard!!), but it's more her glow...her smile....her that he is present in her life.   I know, its a little old school or perhaps the intro to Adventures-of-Babysitting, but just as Elisabeth Shue did, I picture my BFF draping the curtains over her head singing "And Then He Kissed Me".... simply because he is in her life. 
2.  He Treats Her Like A Princess - Didn't we all daydream at one point in our lives  that we would be swept away by a strong and handsome prince (perhaps wearing a gator jersey or jockey shirt)??  But I have to be honest, that reality should never go away.  This does not mean that my BFFs need to live the Bach lifestyle and go on helicopter rides or Pretty Women shopping sprees for every date.  It just means that there should never be a doubt in my mind whether my BFFs are loved and a princess.

3.  If the situation were to arise where that BFF's boy and I were to spend 24 hours together...we better have a Damn Good Time - So what all does this entail?  Well, he must have a sense of humor, preferably with a lot of sarcasm.  He must be able to carry on a conversation...I don't have time or energy to deal awkward silence.  And he shall love sports...or at least be passionate about some sort of entertainment.  I cannot be bothered with 24 hours of philosophical talk, and even though our conversations may be deep into the meaning of life at some point...I want the comfort to know that we can just simply talk about the big game.

So...I must definitely say that my Dearest A's soon-to-be-hubby definitely passes with flying colors.  Do you have standards and policies for your BFFs??  If so, please do share.


  1. I want to be the center of his universe. Or at least, the biggest planet in our family solar system. :)

    Someone once said that the best thing a man could do for his children is love their mother.

    I think that is one of my favorite "rules"

  2. That is perfect Julianna!! I just might have to add that one to my list!! :)

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