Nancy and Lindsey

So three things happen when my Dearest E and I have extend our Friday happy hour outside of the home. 

1.  We venture over to a very dark and sometimes depressing dive bar just near our house.  We know that this bar is always dead and yet it always seems like a good idea.

2.  We spend a lot of singles on the juke box playing songs like Whiney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Bell Biv DeVoe.  We are always convinced that everyone else will love our brilliant music selection.  And in fact they do.  Everyone was jammin it out. Except for the old guy asking for Pearl Jam.  Pearl Jam....seriously??  Am I wearing a flannel shirt and doc martins??  No.  I stopped that outfit the day My So Called Life was cancelled. 

3.  We suddenly call ourselves Nancy and Lindsey.  I'm not sure where the names came from.  I think Linds always had that in her back pocket, and mine was just recently created.  But I am beginning to embrace the new alter ego.   

We also tend to text our husbands.  Well....actually Linds always texts Gator Guy to let him know our plan and that we are going to church.  Whatever.  It's pretty funny to us at least at the moment. 


  1. I feel like no one else will think this is funny. But I'm laughing.

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