3 Things that Annoy Me

Sorry moms if this is totally you, but there are three things that just annoy me like crazy. 

1. Wreaths - yes I am addicted to Pinterest just like most of us.  But I totally do not get the wreath thing.  I think they are ugly and make me feel like those who have them are working to earn badges on their sashes. 
20 Gorgeous DIY Wreaths..
2. Family Bumper Stickers - I really don't care how many kids you have.  And when it is more than 3, it is pretty obvious with your van.  Please Mr. T and future baby girl - do not ever buy me one of these.  I will NOT put it on my car. 

3. Paint Chip Crafts - This is stealing, right?  I mean where is everyone getting these paint cards?  Did you really use these to pick the perfect color in your room?  Or are you raiding the nearest Lowes and Home Depot to make your craft of the month?  
 Reused Paint sample cards


  1. I am really laughing at the stealing paint chips!

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