21 Weeks and So Far To Go

So I am terrible at posting any updates but here's the last pic I took of the expanding belly on May 31 at 21 weeks. (Reminder to self...take more pictures so I can remember everything!!) 

I will also be completely honest....I look all happy in this pic, but pregnancy sucks!!!  I know there are many women who just love being pregnant.  But I am definitely not one of them.  It is very hard to see my body change, to not have the energy I normally do, and thankfully I can feel kicks on a consistent basis now which keeps me in those giddy moods.  Yes...I know the end result is all worth it.  And perhaps this is just a bad day for me, but I do find a little relief knowing that this is our last.  However, it is the October 8th due date that seems SO FAR AWAY!!!!


  1. Excited for you guys!

  2. Look at that cute bump!

  3. You are looking GREAT! :) Happy Summer to you and the fam!!!

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