Mr. T is playing baseball and on a real team.  Not like soccer that we tried and it was more of a an activity with parents and kids running through hula hoops.  The real deal.  It is still of course chaos with 4-year-olds running to the wrong bases, throwing the ball at each other instead of tagging with their mitt, and kids getting tired and sitting down.  But it is so much fun and I know it is just the beginning.  

What really annoys me is snack.  Obviously some parents complained before the season started and said they did not want to do a team snack due to allergies, junk food....or whatever.  I responded saying I didn't care one way or another.  But now the truth is...I totally care.  

I WANT SNACK TIME.  Instead, each week we pack (or forget to pack) a little snack just for Mr. T.  Where as before, it would have just been our duty for one week.  But that is not my biggest issue.  It really comes down to bonding.  Not that Mr. T needs more friends at this point, but to be honest, I hardly know any of the kids on the team.  Their jerseys do not have names and the parents just sit in their camping chairs and do not really mingle.  Personally, I do not need any new friends either.  But when Mr. T finishes a game and has no idea who he played with, it simply just annoys me.  

Am I asking that we all feed peanuts to each other and hope that no kid needs to inject any needles???  No.  Back in my soccer days it was orange slices and juice at half time.  EVERY TIME.  and I loved it!!  We all loved it. it that hard to cut up oranges?  Or will some be offended that they are perhaps not organic.  Get over it.  If these kids are going to learn how to play on a team, they need to bond and know who the heck their teammates are.  And just like the reality in the adult world...bonding occurs over food (and drinks).  

Oh...just my little rant.  Because guess what I am about to pack up right now??? 

Mr. T's SINGLE snack.  


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