28 Weeks

Well this pic is from 28 weeks even though I am 29 weeks today. Doesn't seem like that big of a difference but when you are on the home stretch I will take every freaking day I can get!!

Symptoms and emotions are up and down and all over the freaking place. But taking just one day at a time and concentrating on spending the rest of summer with Mr. T, getting the baby's room ready, and prepping for the new school year!! Not busy at all 😉


  1. So I guess when I spend all my time CrossFitting and writing about CrossFit, I neglect some of my favorite blogs and when I finally get smart to come back to read, THIS IS WHAT I SEE!!! Holy sheeet. Congrats to all of you. I am happy for the three and soon to be four of you. Bet that baby would look great in a Matt Ryan #2 jersey.

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