Just Roll Me Like The Blueberry Girl

Do you remember the girl in Willy Wonka that turns into a giant blueberry and is rolled by the Oompa Loompas??? Because I feel like that is going to be me. Now that I am back at school the following comments don't help either:

Student: "Whoa! How is it you get even bigger each time I see you?" 

Student: "I thought IT would have been out by now. Haven't you been pregnant for 11 months?"

Student: "I hate to sound rude but how do you walk without falling over. Seems like the weight would just make you fall."

Teacher: "When are you due?" (Oct 8th) "wow, if you make it that long we will have to start rolling you down the hallway." 

Hence my blueberry fear. And I should have punched each of them in the throat.


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