Life is Good When it is Football Season

Yesterday brings a level of excitement that I look forward to every year. It's the start of college football!! NFL is right around the corner and soon I will be drinking pumpkin spiced lattes and pumpkin beers. It's really my favorite time of year. 

This year it's even more intense. I don't know if it is mostly because I've been counting down to the beginning of October ever since we found out our due date. But I also seem to have almost a CRAVING for college football. 

Does anyone else experience this? Maybe not the football part, but crave things during pregnancy that are not food related. 

For me, I have had a series of cravings. First it was Pink. I usually didn't wear the color, but for the past 3 trimesters I just can't get enough from my clothes, toe nails, and accessories. Don't worry, my ultimate favorite color will always be orange!

I have also found myself CRAVING different music. I've always had quite the wide range of songs set up in my playlists. But this was different.
First trimester I wanted anything 80s. Love jams, rock, pop...just had to be 80s. 

Second trimester was all about Country. Just good ol knee smackin country. And the third trimester has been a combination to hard rock and pretty hard core rap. Yes, I can get down with that. Perhaps I am just trying to get whatever adrenaline rush I can get to keep the energy. 


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