All Niners

Yesterday was the day. The big Niner. The Ninetacular day that all of us nerds that make a wish at 11:11 or 12:34 look forward to. The Ninesational day that was just as big as 8/8/08. And even though this date had less meaning to brides falling on a Wednesday, as opposed to 8/8/08, it was still a cool day for me. And by cool...I mean I went to work, came home, played with Mr. T and the hubby, ate dinner, worked out and went to bed. So maybe not the most Ninetactular day for me, but I still made notice. Here I sat at my computer just staring at the clock saying 9:08am. Just waiting...Waiting for it to click over to the magical 9. Did anything special happen? Did I hold my breath waiting for a special call or anything? Nope, nothin. But I did post something on facebook about it...naturally.

And I have to admit that I am a little jealous of all the Mamas that had their babies on 9/9/09. Even in Denver, there was a family that welcomed their fabulous little one at 9:09am on 9/9/09. Seriously, take that baby to Vegas. Of course they will have to wait until he is of legal age, but still, I would love to see what kind of luck this little babe will grow up to have.

Mr. T's birthday was on 3/20/09. I had thought of many dates that would be neat. Yes, being a nerd and being on bed rest makes you come up with every reason to put your energy and good vibes on, "Maybe this will be the day". I of course was convinced he was going to be early so i thought about 2/22 - because who doesn't love 2's. 3/3/09 - 3 times 3 equals 9. 3/6/9 - multiples of 3. And with the luck of the Irish - wouldn't want a little Saint Patty's baby on 3/17. Then I also went through a phase that something was going to happen on a 2 or 7 (Crazy hormonal logic). So I when I dig for it....I finally got my 2, with Mr. T born on the 20th. And my 7...born at 3:17am 7 pounds 7 inches.

I may have not had the 9/9/09 in my corner, but let's just give a little shout out to those babies born on the Ninetacular day and to the Number 9.


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