Pickles, Tears, and Darrell Green

Here I was, taking advantage of the lazy weekend and getting rest during my recent fatigued pregnancy. Hey now...gotta soak it for what its worth. I of course was craving just about anything I would see a commercial for. But I did form into the stereotypical madness of craving those mouth watering pickles. And so...while Ryan was out, I began to munch and munch and chow down the entire jar. But don't you worry, I didn't just stop there....Must have More. My hormonal craving needed that salty-vinegar-goodness. What does a girl do?

Cheers!! Drink it up. And that is exactly what I drank while sitting with my feet up.

I stumble upon the NFL Hall of Fame show. And yes, it was very touching even though I had never even heard about the players being inducted. But once Darrell Green got up on that podium and begin talking about his teammates....waterworks! The tears started flowing. And not just a cute little tear here and there where I dab a tissue to not ruin my makeup.

Oh no... Just as Heidi demonstrates below, this was a sobbing-snotty-mess that I just could not control.


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