So Cheap My Dad Would Be Proud

Now I realize that all work parties and gift exchanges have the best intentions.   And I also realize that White Elephant Gift Exchanges are suppose to be funny.  They are suppose to have either good gifts, or gifts that give you a good laugh. However, I have decided to boycott mine this year.

There are two conclusions to this post:
  1. That gift exchanges are lame unless you all play in the same conference.
  2. I am so cheap my Dad would be proud.
So here I was, at Bed Bath Beyond, where you can really find anything...and Beyond.  The price limit for our White Elephant Gift Exchange was $30.  A perfect amount.  Enough to buy a DVD, and more importantly, enough to buy an As Seen on TV gift.  I debated at the ginormous store of Beyond for over 45 minutes.  Debating between The Bump It, Shame Wow, The Slap Chop, or Ped Egg.  And then I thought, what do I really want?  And what I wanted at that moment was to cuddle up and watch a movie.  (I must say that the Snuggie was not out in stores yet, or else that would have been the obvious choice.)  So instead, I picked out a really nice, red, plush, throw.  One that would accent any couch during this time of year.

And a pair of fuzzy socks to go with it....naturally.

I bring my as-if-martha-wrapped-it-herself package to the party with a jolly grin on my face.  I couldn't wait to see who would fight over my comfy goodness.  Gift after gift was opened.

And I quickly realized.  No one else spent 45 minutes looking at the Beyond and deciding between the Giant Remote or the Fruit Saver Bags.  No.  It became very clear...that everyone ran down to Starbucks, around the corner to the bakery, and in the freaking break room for a can of coke.  That's right.  I spent probably over $30 including tax when Coworker A, walked in the next room and got a free can of coke.  oh but wait, they did wrap it up in Xerox paper.

And so, as I watched cheap gift after cheap gift become unwrapped, I came to my first conclusion. 
  1. That gift exchanges are lame unless you all play in the same conference.
We were defintely not all playing in the same conference.  I was playing in SEC, one with lots of thought, hard work, and a budget.  The others were playing in the Sun Belt conference.  That's right, you've never even heard of the Sun Belt conference.

But then I realized the power.  The power of chosing very last.  The power to pick anything I wanted.  My final pick you ask?  Not the Pink Pig wearing a Crown, not the can of coke....The really nice, red, plush, throw and fuzzy socks...naturally.  Because I wanted to cuddle up in my absolute softness.

However, that is when I came to my second conclusion:

    2.  I am so cheap my Dad would be proud.

And so, as I left work that day, I took my really nice, red, plush, throw and fuzzy socks...naturally

and the receipt of purchase, back the ginormous store of Beyond and got my 30 bucks plus tax fully refunded back...SUCKAS!!!


  1. Smart move!

  2. Oh, I love it!!! I hate gift exchanges too. Not because I hate to buy stuff (I love that TOO much) but because I hate to see what I end up with...

  3. THIS reminds me of the last Secret Santa thing I participated in. I spent serious time thinking up something my giftee would like, purchasing it, wrapping it & hoping they would enjoy it. Then came my turn...only to discover the person who drew my name quit a week before Christmas. Chump!

  4. I am swinging by from Mama Kat's...planning using this prompt for writers workshop and thought I would check out the inspiration. I have been involved in gift exchanges like family does one every year and it gets a little out of control...good for you for taking back your good gift!

  5. Good for you! Generic gift exchanges do usually disappoint. I finally do like you did. I buy something I wouldn't mind getting and then choose it if it's available. $30 is a big amount for a "white elephant" gift. When we do white elephant exchanges, we find something around the house that is in good condition but that we don't want.

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