Golly Gee....I'll try not to gag

Yes it is true.  I just heard that Cheesy-Golly-Gee-Jake and crazy-Vienna will be dancing on the season finale of Dancing with the Stars tonight. I am speechless.  Not sure how to take it.  But more than anything will watch and try not to gag.  (And ps...it really is even more sad that Tenley was not The One for Jake.  After all.... The girl Loves to dance.  She Lives to dance.  Dancing makes her heart sing.  Too bad Tenley.  Too bad.)

I must say that I am definitely now hooked after this was my first season actually watching Dancing with the Stars...Or as many have called the show now...Dancing with the Dancers.  I mean come on...Ice DANCER Evan (who's dances I fast forward through every time, except for the free style when he looks like a lanky fool), and Professional booty shaker, Nicole are in the finales...Shocker.  Yes Nicole is entertaining and really is the best one out there.  But I like the underdog. 

And so, I continue to cheer on the Gator Girl Erin and hope that she not only takes the crown, but that her and Maks finally make their love affair public.  I mean, come on....They HAVE to be dating with that kind of chemistry and "bed dancing" they did last night.  (Last night on the show of course.  I have no report of what happened after the show!)

I will also be cheering for Jake to drop Vienna.  I know...I am terrible.  But you are either the person that watches figure skating covering your eyes in fear that someone is dropped ,or the person that kind of likes to watch the fall unfold and replay Miss America falling on the catwalk...again, and again.  Yes....I am terrible. 


  1. Erin and Maks HAVE to be together. He needs a normal, totally awesome chick to help him with his "over-confidence" and she needs a HOT guy. They are perfect.

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