All Geared Up...And READY to Go

I am READY.  READY to Rock and roll. 

Well, aside from the fact that I am sitting with my foot elevated with an icepack on my ankle.  Yes...I avoided heels all week Just. In. Case., when in fact all it took was me walking out of my garage to get some dinner tonight... and here I am, nervous as all heck and hoping there's no swelling or stiffness tomorrow.  For The Love!!

But don't you worry (inner self, Kat)  I will be READY.  I will Rock this Race.  Because I will Rock.  Rock it like a Hurricane (ooo, good song, I should add that one to the playlist.

Must Haves for my Marathon:

1.  Good JAMS - Yes, thank you for all the ideas on songs.  I also got some great ones on facebook and I am ready to Jam it Out (or Punch someone in the face with some of these screamers).  But either way, I am READY. 

2.  GEAR - I can't tell you enough how much I love all my running gear.  I started training in January, and so the Colorado winter and spring gave me some COLD runs.  But I loaded up all the best Under Armour COLDgear, and I became ready for anything Mother Nature sends my way.  Good news, is Sunday will be about 35 degrees when we begin (at 6AM) and 65 when we finish.  Thank you Kathy Sabine, because that's the best running forecast I could ask for.  
Marathon Gear

3.  Running Pack - Ok, so my running pack doesn't exactly look like this Fanny Pack (or Butt Pack as My Dad calls is), but it serves the same purpose.  To carry the essentials.  Chapstick, ID, Poise (listed below), Gu Gels, and my cell phone.


4.  Nike iPod Sport Kit - This may not be as accurate as a GPS device, but there's nothing better than Lance Armstrong coming on and saying, "Congratulations, you just completed your longest run yet.  You Rock Kat!!"  (Ok, he doesn't say that I Rock, but I know he's thinking it.....I love you Lance)

5.  The Unfortunate Poise - that's right, I have had an encounter with Poise Pads once before.  And little did I know that they would some day be used.  But leave it up to mother nature and the miracle of child birth to leave me with very little control of my bladder.  But the good news...I have already finished one race with completely wetting my pants as I crossed the finish line (yes, this is sadly true) and so I can slap a smile on my face if it were to happen for the Big One.  But Just In Case... I added the Pad, and picked up on a trick of pouring water all over myself if it should happen again.  Damn you Poise.  Damn you.  

So even though I leave it on that very TMI (Too Much Information) note, I will have to say (because I have to say to myself yet again), I am READY.  I am READY to run 26.2 miles.  I am READY to Rock It Like a Hurricane.  

Check out the course:


  1. Good luck girl, you will rock it for sure!

  2. I was really sick last week, throwing up and such, and each time I would hurlll I would piss myself. DAMN CHILDBIRTH!

  3. Wow! Good luck at your marathon! Seeing your list of gear really really really makes me want to go for a nice long jog.

    (I also wanted to stop by and tell you that I find comfort in knowing I'm not alone in my fear of sharks)

    I hope you have a fantastic Mother's Day!

  4. How did it go?? I'm sure you did great! :)

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