Guard and Protect Your Heart

Dear Kasey,

I don't feel quite as bad now for asking for subtitles every time you talk.  Because are NUTS.  I know you think that you are Crazy in L-O-V-E with Ali. But let's be are just Crrrrraaaaazy!

Let's start with your most obvious Crazy Gesture. 

Gesture #1The TATTOO

Your "Guard-and-Protect-Ali's-Heart-plus-have-a-brick-for-all-my-new-bromance-home-boys-Tattoo" officially put your craziness over the edge and to a level that we have rarely seen on the Bach.  And I have to only imagine that ABC just absolutely loved every minute of your impulsive brand-your-body-for-Ali's-Love moment and thought to themselves, "Ya just can't make this shit up!"  

But we all remember the last reality show tattoo and how that one turned out for the Nothin-But-A-Good-Time-and-equally-as-crazy-Ms-Heather:

Poor Heather thought this too was a gesture of L-O-V-E and she turned out with no Bret Michaels, no rose with a thorn, and remains that girl that got the Bret Michaels Tattoo. 

Gesture #2:  "Singing"
Kasey, your "singing" was so far from anything that we have seen on the show that I almost wished that I had bought Wes' CD to play during your date scene.

There were two thoughts that crossed my mind during your "I-would-rather-listen-to-nails-on-a-chalk-board-or-10-women-screaming-through-labor-Serenade". 

1.  Anchor Man:  "Are you just looking at things in the office and saying that you love them?"  "I Love Lamp"
    2.  Elf:  
    Buddy: "I'm herewith my dad and we've never met and he wants me to sing a song...And you didn't know I was born....and guess what...I love you, I love you, I love you."
    Buddy's Dad:  "Wow. That was weird."

     I'm pretty sure Ali's silence and the millions of viewers shaking their heads and plugging their ears all agree that.... Wow, that was weird. 

    Gesture #3:  Candy for the sick
    Kasey, I am not sure what kind of comfort you would provide Ali... But let's face it....  Chris has got it right.  He brings chicken noodle soup.  Perfect.  Everyone knows that chicken noodle soup heals a sick stomach and the teenage soul.  

    He bring flowers.  Perfect again.  There is never a bad occasion for flowers.  And finally, Chris brings himself for some some major cuddle time and a game of 32 questions.  

    But you Kasey, you instead think... nothing heals an upset stomach like all the sugar you can think of.  Did you forget the shots of tequila in your room?  This may not seem as big of a Red Flag as the Tattoo or singing, but I bring this up because Kasey, this was the most normal thing you did all week and that concludes that you are just weird and c-r-a-z-y.

    I look forward to watching even more drama unfold as you finally give your tattoo show 'n' tell and confess your ultimate protect-and-guard-her-heart Love for Ali, as well as continue to bond with your new Blood-Brothers.  

    But I have one final question Kasey.  Was Tenderheart Bear perhaps your favorite toy as a young buck?  Do you still cuddle with Tenderheart each night while on the Bach?   Do you really wish you could win Ali's love with a Care Bear Stare?  Because I'm pretty sure the answer is yes, yes, and yes.

    xoxo, Kat


    1. absolutely spot on...great job.
      thanks for following me...and I'm gonna do the same!

    2. Oh, Kasey. While COMPLETELY insane, can you imagine the snoozefest this season would be so far without him?

      Another highlight this week was Ali asking how this was different from his previous relationships and him saying "One reason: you're Ali". Well, at least he was cognizant of something!

    3. You are too funny! I love getting sucked into the bachelorette

    4. So funny, love your post. I could not agree more with everything you said. Even know I just found your blog I promise to guard and protect your heart. lol

    5. So I haven't been watching (it's about the only Reality TV I don't watch!) but the clip from ELF made me laugh. Love that movie!! :-)

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