Double Yolk = Double Luck??

So in the last two months, I have purchased and cracked open four double-yolk eggs.  FOUR! 

The Third double-yolk egg was on Thursday.  I posted on facebook how crazy it was and even talked about it to my students because I was so amazed that I had this "luck".  I told them I would bring in candy if I won jackpot. 

And then this morning....I crack open yet another double-yolk egg for breakfast.  I know I eat a lot of eggs, but I don't think I consume some record breaking amount.  So I'm not sure if now it is just getting weird, creepy, or bringing me a lot of luck.  

Either way I have concluded with the following.   1) I am going to win the Lotto.  Don't worry, I already bought tickets for tonights drawing. (Send me good luck vibes).  2) It is all for a big Bronco's win tonight!!!  or 3) I am going to have twins.  Someday.  Because I shall cry my little heart out if that was the case today as I type this.  Perhaps if that is the case any day. 

I am really hoping for the first two. 


  1. Worse things could happen than a set of twins...

  2. I hope and anticipate double yolks with each case of eggs I have..... since I was about 12. And I have not cracked open double yolked eggs since I was about 12.

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