Ten Thoughts for the Weekend

1.  The Broncos beat the Steelers!!!!  What an amazing game!!  And with an 80-yard touch down pass from my Boy Tebow to DThomas!!! Unbelievable!! 



2.  I might have shed a tear (or at least complained as much as possible) as I had to give up my ticket to today's game because I was sick.  Ladies and Gents...that means I was siiiiccckkk.  Not just a cough.  Because not to see my BFF Tebow in person and in action....heartbreaking!!  But at least I was warm in my Bronco Snuggie. 

3.  I finished my first week as a student teacher and absolutely love it.  Still working on learning 170 student names and lesson planning, but I already know that it is all worth and where I am suppose to be.

4.  I am quite excited for this season's Bachelor with Geico Man Ben the Bach.  He is growing on me...as is the drama that ABC always provides.  Looks like we have some villains who like to skinny dip and continued drama with the blogger!  Fantastic. 

5.  I also watched the latest Pretty Little Liars this weekend.  Seriously, it is not to late to watch this one with all the other 14 year-olds.  I am just pleased to know that one of my dearest neighbors is also a PLL fan and I am not the only 30 year-old that indulges in the flick. 

6.  I keep having dreams this weekend about anchors falling on my head.  What does this mean???

7.  Every day this week I drove less than 3 minutes to work and LOVED it.  I even didn't buckle my seat belt for one of the trips and felt like such a rebel!!  (I know...I know.  Most accidents happen close to your house.  I promise it was my only time!).  Just what am I going to do with 2 hours of commuting back in my life???  Yoga? Perhaps cook a week day dinner for the first time in over a year!?  The possibilities are endless. 

8.  I had much needed drinks with my Dearest E this weekend.  We just talked for hours about anything and everything.  We gave each other encouragement, asked questions, and basically reassured ourselves that we are effing fabulous.  Gator Guy doesn't understand that we can just sit on the couch, drink micro brews, and talk.  He and his Bromance Bro instead play darts.  For hours.  Now, that I do not get.

9.  Aside from being sick, I am giddy to go to work tomorrow.  Giddy.  It has been a long time since I have felt that! 

10.  Holy Crap the Broncos won!!!! 


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