Thank goodness for Apple Juice!!

I first found my love for apple juice last October when that became my #1 pregnancy craving at the time. I just couldn't get enough. And luckily, the Fall brings great drinks like apple cider and apple chi tea. However, I deeply fell in love with "Simply Apple Juice". Just as the commercials say, it is not the apple juice you grew up drinking. This actually tastes like someone dumped Delicious Reds and Granny Smiths into a high powered Jack LaLanne juicer and then added a magic touch. Seriously, head out to your nearest King Soopers and pick some up.

But this week, I thank the creators of Apple Juice yet again. Poor Mr. T (who is 15 weeks old now...getting to be such a big boy!) suffered from horrible constipation. And if you have experienced this with a little one, you know that it just breaks your heart to see them struggle and give you a look that says, "Help me Mama!!". Now for such a little delicate digestive system you have to take a different approach. You can't just take him to Taco Bell or Casa Bonita in hopes that the problem will be reversed. Thanks to my Mum, the Nurse Practitioner, and sister-in-law we started giving him 3 ounces of Gerber Apple Juice each day. And so far...Mr. T is back in the business of dirtying up those dipes. So thank you Apple Juice. Again...Thank You.


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