The Big Fat Positive

So the goalie has been pulled and now we just needed a referee to help determine a win. It was just a little over a year ago when we got our Big Fat Positive (BFP). I remember it so well. We just made it through the 4th of July weekend with me telling everyone that I was training for a race...hence me drinking iced tea and passing on the beer. I have been known to take a break from alcohol for such running events. But the real reason was because we didn't know whether or not I was pregnant. My body, just like the rest of me, was being stubborn. I wasn't reaching for the Kotex, however I wasn't getting a BFP either. I would test every day, and each day...Nothin. Yeah right First Response - can test 5 days before your missed period. Not for me!!

But finally, on a Tuesday, I was working from home and did a test first thing in the morning (like they suggest)....Nothing. But I then had a urge to test again in the afternoon. Since I was testing every day for over a week, I had given up sitting there watching the stick turn pink or lack there of. Instead, I would walk away to do a little something and come back. And so I walked back into the bathroom and...wait for it...wait for it...POSITIVE! The Big Fat Positive. At this point we had moved to the store brand pregnancy tests so I needed a little more reassurance. So I drove my little self to nearest King Soopers and decided to go with the test that can test 5 days earlier than your missed period and bought a pack of First Response pregnancy kits. First test....Positive. Second test...positive. Third test....still positive. Not sure why I took three. Guess you just never know.

I waited an hour until Ryan came home. I thought of all kinds of cute ways to tell him. I would give him a "proud Daddy" shirt. Write "we're expecting" or "Baby Kat or Baby Gator Guy" on my belly. Put a sign on our lab, Callaway, saying - "I'm going to be a big sister". But really when he walked through the garage door I couldn't even say anything. All I could do is hand him the 3 positive tests. He threw up his arms just like he was in celebration of reaching the endzone. SCORE!! And that he did. So here's to our Mile High Salute! Go team Gapp.


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