The No Holiday Baby Plan

Yes it is true. I created and followed such a plan. The plan was no "Holiday Baby" for me. What is a Holiday Baby??...A baby who is born too close to the hustle and bustle of the Holiday season. This meant that we took a pause from Full Force Operation TTC from March-April. And yes I know that Christmas only happens in December, but I was also VERY convinced that I would deliver early and therefore the larger window of the No Holiday Baby Plan.

Did I do this because I did not want my baby in a red and green bow? No. It's because I'm a complete control freak. Remember my previous post where I admit that I am the Head Coach. Well the Head Coach sets up the season and decides what games to play. So yes...head coach and a control freak. My reasoning - My birthday is just before Christmas and Ryan's is just after. Growing up - it was a pain. And now as grown adults - still a pain. Trying to get together with family to celebrate is always a challenge and I thought adding one more into the mix would just be too much. And so, we may not have control on a lot of aspects like morning sickness, charlie horses, and when I would deliver. But when his birthday is...or when it is not....done!


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