Find Your Set of Rules

I remember just after we got the BFP, we headed to the nearest book store to pick out a pregnancy book. Of course, this was all before we started to Spread the Word, so it was a very odd experience. In fact, my crazy paranoid self made us leave the first book store because I saw someone from our High School and the last thing I needed was the rumors a flyin' as we stood in the long aisle of Making-a-Baby books and the news getting to my BFF's before I did! That would be a disaster!! And so...we headed to the next nearest book store.

And there we stood...totally clueless staring at book after book not really knowing what should be included. Mostly just thinking, "well, this baby looks cute, how about this one?"

Another young mom walked up and asked:
"Hi, are you pregnant?"
"Holy crap, you can already tell?!?!" But I really said, "Uhhh, Ummm, Well yes. We just haven't told anyone yet and this is the first time we've said it out loud!" Totally caught us off guard.

But either way, she suggested Your Pregnancy Week by Week. So we snatched it up and headed home to do our "homework". I loved how this book, broke it down by each week and made it very easy to follow. Plus easily gave me an assignment each week. Very helpful. What to Expect When You Are Expecting is great too. But maybe the fact that I was reading a borrowed copy from the 80s is why I steered away.

PS...Husbands will do their best to read up...or at least do as much as you push them. But the best way is to just say, "Hey, stop watching your SportsCenter for two seconds and read this!" If you try putting the book somewhere he might pick it up or hint saying, "sometime you should read this chapter" will get nowhere expect for the land of Disappointment. Remember - The blunter the better! Coach McDaniels never put an article in the locker room saying, "Stop being a cry baby". He just suspended or traded the problem children (aka - Cutler and Marshall). See...the blunter the better.


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