My Very Unnecessary Emergency Kit

So when I got the BFP and spread the word to work, I began to have an irrational fear of my water breaking at any moment. In my fearful hormonal mind, it would happen when I would be sitting in a Board Meeting, would have to excuse myself, while saying, "Sorry about the chair, I will buy you a new one."

Or I would be sitting on the LightRail, and would experience giving birth on public transportation. That really happened in my city...she was on the news and everything. So let me tell you, I would much rather have my 15 minutes be for something WAY better than bringing my little one into the world while singing the Wheels On The Bus Go Round and Round.

And so, my irrational fear carried over to my Unnecessary Emergency Kit, in which I carried around in my purse for weeks (probably the entire 3rd Trimester). My kit, was a small little make up bag:

And inside was:

Yes, a doggy pee pad.
(Just the pad, not the dog) And now you ask, what the heck was I going to do with the Doggy Pee Pad?? I HAVE NO FREAKING CLUE!!

Its not like you know when your water breaks to pull out the absorbent material. And its not like your water breaks, and then break again for a second time. I think I always imagined that if my water did break and I was forced to be on the LightRail, cab, or in a coworkers car, I would sit on the Doggy Pee Pad to make them and me feel better about ruining their leather seats.

I know, this does not make any sense. But I made sure I had this little Unnecessary Emergency Kit with me everywhere. Crazy Hormones.


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  2. Hormones are a crazy thing. When My Ex - Wife was pregnant with our first child she was making a Grilled Cheese Sandwich for herself and when she scooped it up to take it out of the pan and put it on a plate it fell to the floor. --- She started crying, but not crying like a tear or two coming out of her eyes, Crying like she had just been stabbed or something. ..... We had more bread and cheese, basically all the ingredients to just make another one PLUS at that time those Floors were probably cleaner then some surgery rooms are .... Hormones are a BITCH!

  3. This is so so so so so funny.

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