4th Down and Inches

There comes a few times in your life when you are at 4th Down & Inches and need just a little bit more. When you lay down on the bed to get those pants zipped up, do a few squats in hopes that your jeans will stretch, or need breathing room after that big Thanksgiving dinner. But the time when I really needed a few more inches to make it to the next play...was of course my pregnancy. I honestly had no clue what maternity pants were all about. And after the first shopping experience with my mom I quickly decided that I would make my current clothes work for as long as I could.
First of all they throw in the belly pillow in the dressing rooms like that is suppose to make you feel better. I don't know about you, but my first thought was, "How many bare tummies has this thing touched". And then I thought..."Surely I won't be this big for quite some time" WRONG. So since the elastic-leotard-make-me-feel-like-Steve-Urkel maternity pants were not in the front of my wardrobe right away, I needed some time. A Time Out. A Delay of the Game.

Bring on the Rubber Band Expander.

Step One:
Get yourself your favorite pair of jeans that need that extra oomph
and a rubber band or elastic hair band.

Step Two:
Loop the Band through the hole where the top button goes.

Step Three:
Attach both sides of the band around the button.
And BAM - you've got yourself an inch or two.

Now because of the elasticity of the Rubber Band Expander,
this can get you even a little bit more as that belly expands:

But Please, go get yourself a pair of the elastic-leotard-make-me-feel-like-Steve-Urkel maternity pants if your Rubber Band Expander looks like this:

p.s....Don't forget to zip up your pants and do not drop your band in the toilet
(Been there...done that.)


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