Shake my belly like bowl full of....bread dough

That's right.  The moment is here.  The moment I am going to regret....The moment I am going to  post my belly 7 days after giving birth.

Let's just remind ourselves the before shot at 38 weeks...defying gravity, looking very octo-momish:

And now the 7 days after...

That's right, you can be officially grossed out with me.  And what does it feel like you ask.... Bread dough.  Mushy gross disgusting bread dough. And again, I ask you to please remind yourself of my rule #1.  Because you have to be honest, if you saw the bread belly in public, you would think...aww, how cute!! I wonder when she is due??And then I would proceed to kick you in the shin.  So again, please remember rule #1.  

But you wanna know what I was the most excited about:

BEER!  Ok, maybe that wasn't the #1 exciting part of post pregnancy, but that 5 barrel micro brew sure tasted great...Not to mention I was drunk after one beer like a girl at prom.  But more importantly and hoping you scroll down from the bread belly.... check out this cutie at 7 days old:

Tiny Mr. T


  1. I have to say, I don't think it is really that bad. If you look at yourself from 38 weeks and then only SEVEN days later.... I think it looks pretty good.

    And why don't you show a picture of yourself now: Hot and completely back to normal!

  2. I have to admit your belly looks painful. I bet it itched A LOT! I'm sure you are perfectly skinny now.

  3. Okay the ONLY part of you that doesn't look tiny and perfect is your belly and holy smokes 7 days ago is NOTHING. That belly is going to be gone before you know it!

    Congratulations, he is SO cute.

  4. Your little guy is so adorable! Congratulations!! We are due in just 5 weeks with our little girl - we can't wait to welcome her into the world : )

  5. It takes time! I wasn't far off from that a week after Samantha was born. Don't worry! You still look hot!

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