March Madness Goooals: Sit Ups

I started my Goooals for 2010  in place of the usual New Years resolution.  I have now added & conquered (woohoo) The Morning Stretch and Getting Organized.  My March Madness Goooal will include:  Sit Ups. We all know crunching away the flab is good for us, and you can never do too many.  I never get done with my Sit Ups and think, "Damn, I really should have finished that ice cream instead.

Obviously being a Mom means I am short on time.  And when I'm at the gym or on a run, I always put off my Sit Ups because that's something I can just do at home, right?  I don't need to do it at a special mat or gigantic ball at the gym....So I will just put it off for later that night, right?  Wrong.  It never gets done.  And so even though I cannot add more minutes in the day, I can dedicate 5 minutes to my Get Ready For Bed routine and add in my Sit Ups.  And so here we go, March Madness.  Give me those abs that I once had. 


  1. i should do this too. i need to get rid of the LOVE HANDLES! EH!

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