Quotes while watching the Bachelor

Gator Guy:  "He apparently turns into a dirty pirate with her.  Arrrr Matey"
Gator Guy:  "She (Vienna) kind of makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit"
Kat:  "Thank you!  I just so do not see it."

Gator Guy:  "Nice tutu" - when seeing Vienna's swimsuit, again.  Seriously V, you know you are on the Bachelor.  Buy more than one swimsuit.  And one without the frillies that only 3 year olds wear.  

Kat: "Ugh, they just love to show her ass". 
Gator Guy:  "That's just because they are sick of showing her face."

Gator Guy:  "Now he just wishes now he had a girl named...Vienley"

So yes, not only does Gator Guy watch the Bach, but he Loves it!  Just don't tell his boys!  Or his man card will be stripped away.   

P.S.  Jake - Please do not ever try to get down, shake your groove thang, or pump it again.  That was just embarrassing.


  1. Love this conversation! Thanks for sharing. I found a cool site with top 10 videos for the bachelor for any other obsessed fans like myself :)

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