McPerfect, Chinese Food, and **143

This weekend, Gator Guy and I celebrated our Anniversary.  Six years since we said the big "I Dos" and Twelve years since our very first date.  Awww....I know...we are uber cute (and cheesy). We spent the night eating lots of sushi, going to comedy works, stopping by a local bar for a night cap, and then a dance party for two back at our place.  It is by far my favorite thing to do...Dance Party.

So in honor of our 12 Amazing years, here's 12 facts about Kat & Gator Guy:

  1. Our first date was to see the movie, "For the Love of the Game".  I was a Senior and Gator guy was a Jr.  I snatched him up nice & young  ;)
  2. Our wedding song was Nora Jones - Come Away With Me...but our True Wedding song is Al Green - Let's Stay Together.  When we practiced our first dance, we just couldn't get the beat down, so we changed to good ol Nora. 
  3. Gator Guy massages my back at least 4 times per week.  Ah-mazing.
  4. We first said "I Love You" by sending **143 to our pagers.  Yes...Pagers. 
  5. We order Chinese food every year for Valentine's day.
  6. Our reception was at Mile Migh, I wore a Bronco garter, and we went the Bronco Game the day after....Can you say, Super Fans???
  7. WAY before McDreamy came along we called each other McPerfect and McSexy.  I still to this day write cards to my McPerfect. 
  8. I went back to Gator Guy's prom as a college Freshman.  Pretty damn cool I must say.  (Yeah...not really.  But anything for my man, right??)
  9. We have only played on the same beer pong team once.  Once.  If it is up to us, we prefer to play on opposite teams every game night.   
  10. We go to bed at the same time...every night.
  11. We secretly compete at everything (see #9)...We even compete with who brushes their teeth the longest.   (Dr. Taylor would be so proud). 
  12. In high school, I would always buy Gator Guy orange and green TicTacs because I thought that was the Gator colors.  It wasn't until well into our first year of dating that I figured it out.  So embarrassing to admit at this point in my Gator Fan Lifehood.   


  1. Congrats to you both. Keep it up...well that sounded dirty, nevermind.

  2. Too cute! Happy Anniversary to you and Gator Guy! :)

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