Sweet, Sweet Fantasy Baby

Sing it Mariah!!!  Tonight was my first Fantasy Draft of the season.  It was quite the rush I must say as my heart was racing the entire time...I know, I get total dork points for saying that one and Gator Guy totally made fun of me all night.  But I actually did my homework this year and wanted to make sure my team is ready to kick some ass.  

Overall, I think I did pretty good.  I totally took a risk with Fosters with his complete injury package and made a complete impulse pick with Marcedes Lewis (good guy, but on my homework spreadsheet I had him on my DO NOT DRAFT list).  But I am pretty pumped with Sidney Rice, Greg Jennings, and Felix Jones (who is going to be sick this year!!)
I am also most pleased with my hidden boys Little and Helu.  They are not up there in the ranks (yet), and so I am excited to see them take off this year and make me proud. 

Oh and I just couldn't resist a little Gator Love.  Hernandez...Welcome to Kat's kick ass team!!!


  1. love it! I'm pissed I wasn't free during my draft-time and didn't have time during work to set it up and it auto-drafted, my team is decent but nothing to write hope about!

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