Oh good...My check must have cleared

For this massive Tebow Billboard that has popped up in Denver.  

And it may be the crazy Teboner fans that love this board and everything Timmy, but you know what it really means?  We are getting closer to Tebow Time!!!  I am guessing that "Orton-Hears-A-Boo" plays the entire game against the Packers this weekend.  He will fail to execute in the red zone, move in the pocket, and slide when it is unnecessary.  Pretty-Boy-Brady will continue to do the full splits for warm up and perhaps step on field for a play or two.  But then....I say it is Tebow Time.  And hopefully he will have some magical moments on October 9th when I will be present at Invesco Sport Authority at Mile High so that we can give each other air hugs, good luck winks, and even a slap on the butt.  Because that's what football players do right???  Perhaps only in my dreams.  

Oh Heeeyyyy Kat!  Wish me luck today!  wink wink.  This one is for you  ;)


  1. This made me downright LOL!

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