Rumor Has It....It's Totally Their Song

So this is Mr. T and Gator Guy.

Gator Guy is tough, strong, and manly.

Mr. T. is ALL boy and loves crashing cars, tackling, and playin in the "muddy".

However...I was told last night that "their song" right now is Rumor Has It by Adele.  They really like this one.  They sing to it in the car.  They dance to do while getting on their PJs.  And they really dig Adele.  So it is Totally Their Song.

(I Love It!)


  1. The cuteness is killing me! I love that they have *their* song.

  2. That is cool. Me and C3 have a song. B.O.B and Bruno Mars Beautiful Girls. she asks me all the time to play it on my phone. Your guys look great. that ok to say and good luck to your boy Tebow this weekend

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