My Love for the Air Guitar

I have a Love for many things.  My boys.  Microbrews.  My JamsTebow.  The Bach.  My BFFs.  Yoga & Running. Sports Talk Radio. (all in no particular order).

But added to that the Air Guitar.  Yes, this is very true.  I just can't help myself when I hear those cords perfectly in tune with a set of drums and a belting chorus line.  My left hand cranks out and my right sets just on my torso...and then...the magic begins.  I do not know how to play a single note on a real guitar, nor I have ever even played Guitar Hero.  But I can promise you one thing. I. Can. Freaking. Rock. The. Air. Guitar.

And so, leave it to a trip last week in Mexico to present to us...The perfect combination:
  1. Bloody caesar cocktails
  2. Fantastic friends
  3. Mexican band singing ACDC without speaking a lick of English
  4. A 30th birthday celebration for my dear M.
  5. Cerveza
  6. Gator Guy behind the camera

    And you get this fantastic duo of Air Guitar meets Air Drums


  1. Ummm. Ummmm. Damn, I am lost, I have no idea of what to say...So, ok, guessing you were not cut off at that point?

  2. May I tell you just how much I love this? This somehow reminds me of my usually reserved and sometimes snooty self, but turn on any old school rap or current pop song and suddenly, my dance moves cannot be tamed. The damage has been done.

    Sometimes, my husband denies knowing me, even going so far as to say, "wow. I feel for the guy who is with that woman."

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