Are you Tebowing today??

Because everyone else sure is!!  Seriously....time to come out of your cave if you have not seen the new Tim Tebow Craze that just hit the air waves two days ago.  It's  The concept - pictures of people Tebowing.   Kind of like planking...but much safer. 

So just What is Tebowing you might ask??  Well, the site's definition is:  (vb) to get down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different. 

This is Tebow's move.  His good luck stance.  

Its like Lebron James and his ritual chalk clap in the air. 

Or Maximus smelling the dirt before every fight.  

Or perhaps Farve and his sexting.  Oops...don't worry ladies, no pic of that one.  

Either way, this is catching on fast!  
See...Gator Guy and Mr. T Love some Tebowing. 

And so does our pup.  We call this the Tebowing Trifecta.

And Yes, Coach Kat even had the cross country team Tebowing before a time trial run.  

So don't be surprised next time you see someone down on one knee, taking a moment to themselves, and of course...taking a picture to share to the world that they are Tebowing.   You can even read the latest article in the Wall Street Journal here.


  1. Love this! So glad they finally started Tim. I think even non-Denver fans are rooting for this guy to succeed. My Dallas Cowboys family sure is!

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