3 Things - 3 Days

1.  I am going to my first ever book club tonight.  I still need to finish about 75 pages (slacker) and plan to do so on the train this evening.  The book of choice:  Sarah's Key.  Very well written, however, just a little too intense and depressing at the moment.  I had to put the book down and take 10 minutes after each read to just come back to reality. 

My suggestion for next month...something else a little more up beat or else I will pick for everyone to read this:

2.  Speaking of....obviously since I am quite the Tebow fan and soon to be his BFF, people often think of me when they read or see anything about him.  The best part...I don't ever need to research or look out for hot "Tebow" items, because everyone sends them to me right away.  Just yesterday, I was sent This Article by Sport Illustrated.  Seriously, if you are a fan, you will love it.  If you are a naysayer, just give it a try...it is another way to look at being a succesful quarterback.  Interesting.  And for more entertainment, I was sent these two videos. Both hilarious.

3.  THREE more days at my current J-O-B.  Three.


  1. Love Tim Tebow and love the videos.

  2. DJ and I were dying over that first video the other day -- can't wait to hear about this next chapter in your life!! :)

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