Oh My Jacob...

What do you wear to a midnight showing 
of the latest Twilight film, Eclipse??  

That's right.  I really did join all the HITs (Hiiiii, I'm Twelve) complete with my I Heart Jacob shirt and a smile on my face.  Don't worry....I wasn't alone... My Dearest A was by my side sporting her I Love Edward gear. 

And we were joined by 1000s of other Twihards all ready to cheer, laugh, cry, gasp, and squeal at each and every moment of the Vampalicious Flick. 

So was the wait surrounded by estrogen, 3 hours of sleep, and a drowsy work day all worth it???  Y-E-S!!  
And here's why:

1.  The Eye Candy - 

2.  Beautiful Bella - She not only puts on some mascara and brushes her hair...but she has a personality!  A sassy, sexy, fun personality that made it all make sense why the heck these two heart throbs are falling for her.  

3.  ACTION ACTION ACTION.  They were not kidding that this film had the bigger budget to show off the true speed and power of these vamps and wolves.  

4.  The spin offs - You know...the kind that Michael Douglas is now getting his pockets emptied for because his greedy-of-an-ex-wife just wants it all.   The back stories of the other vamps and wolves was great to see and gave more depth to why we love them.

5.  The Romance - Wow, there are definitely some hot scenes in this one.  I personally loved the kiss & make up between Jasper and Alice after they demonstrate what the newborns can do.  Here's just a little teaser:

So whether you are Team Jacob, Team Edward, or just a TwiHard at heart...I hope you all enjoy the newest as much as I did!


  1. This has nothing to do with your Twilight post and everything to do with your comment regarding Michael Douglas' ex-wife.

    I'm just curious why she shouldn't be entitled to a Wall Street spin off's royalties? It's irrelevant how long they've been married or divorced. The success of that movie had to do with the fact that Michael Douglas was able to fully commit to it. And he was able to commit to it because she was at home raising their children.

    Therefore the success of that movie was due to the fact that he could develop that character enough and not be hindered by raising kids. She is DEFINITELY entitled to that money. You can't put a price on raising children but because she WAS at home raising children, then she is entitled to a sequel or spinoff 30 years later.

  2. Your hair looks adorable in these photos! I can't believe you really went to a midnight showing - I would just be too tired the next day!

  3. Ms E - I hear ya that there is definitely no price on raising children and couldn't agree more with that. But without really hearing her side, I would argue that 45 million in the first settlement would be plenty to give the children a stable life, savings for college, and then some.

    It probably is irrelevant how long they have been divorced because it really all comes down what the legal authorities will decide. Again, do I agree? No. Unless Douglas has been late on child support payments, I would believe that he has done everything that he is entitled to in a divorce to support his children. It is unfortunate that the marriage did not last, but a part of me does feel that she is asking for quite a lot of money after already having enough for a stable and healthy life.

  4. Wait, you're saying Kristen Stewart did not suck? This is big news. Unless you thought she did not suck in the previous two... :-) I am not seeing it until Saturday but I'm definitely looking forward to it. It's my favorite book of the series and so far the grown-ups seem to like it, not just the HITs.

  5. @Alison - THANKS! I really like my recent haircut. Went back to blonde and she did a great job with the cut.

    @Audreya - Yes, I thought Kristen Stewart sucked in the first two as well. She is still awkward, since that's just heard, but she's much better in my mind. I was just happy that she didn't look so homely. Enjoy on Saturday!

  6. Kat, what is that thing we do when we get sick? ummm.....Oh yeah, I am throwing up. Now you are funny as all get out, and nothing is better than a woman with humor (unless your a UF fan) (kidding) but I hope your husband takes that shirt and hides it. But I am really laughing my ass off at this and thanking god that Tracy and my 3 yr old daughter dont like this.

  7. I am just now seeing this post...I know I'm way behind...Love Twilight and everything about it. I'm totally counting down the days until Breaking Dawn is released!

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