At the Stroke of Midnight

I will be watching this....

With all other 14 year old girls.

Don't worry...I'm not a first timer...

PS...It was a sign that this song played during yoga tonight.  
Yes, I downloaded it ASAP. 


  1. I have to be to work by 7:20 am. I'm passing on the Midnight showing, but enjoy yourself. I'll be there this weekend!

  2. Have to work this year on Friday.


    So. Jealous.

  3. God, I feel so bad for your husband. I really do. ANd to think I was expecting to come here today and read about you gushing all over Tebow last night and his late td to win the game. I expected more from you.

    psst..dont tell anyone Im taking tracy to see this saturday.

    Im Team ALice

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