Forever Lazy - Complete with Great Escapes When Duty Calls

I am not sure which is worse.  The Pajama Jeans or the now slight-step-up-from-the-snuggie, The Forever Lazy.  Really?  That's the best name the marketing department could come up with?? 

Just think, you too can sport the "Asleep on the Job Gray" or "Workday Blues" showing no shape, figure, or motivation to do anything.

And don't you fret about needing to undress to use the bathroom...this wardrobe even has that covered with zipper hatches in the front AND back for (and I quote) Great Escapes When Duty Calls.
So yes, I might wish from time to time that I could rock some scrubs or even a uniform so I don't need to decide on what to wear every day, but goodness...this is a whole new level.  And we wonder why we are the fat and lazy culture.  Aside from the next trendy Pub Crawl, I cannot imagine anyone  splurging on this oversized baby onesie.  But then again....look at how awesome it would be for that neighborhood happy hour?  It is just so flattering and says, "Why Yes, I am available...don't worry, we have the hatches."


  1. haha love it, these commercials crack me up -- is that pink one really called Hanky Pinky Fuchsia?! That's inappropriate....

  2. I saw this commercial and couldn't believe how stupid this idea was and how it got on my television.

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