Obsessed Jam: Jason Mraz - I Won't Give Up

I am officially obsessed with this Jam.  I listen to it on while I'm grading papers, working out, on a run, getting ready in the morning, and if I still had to take the lightrail or commute for an hour, I would for sure listen then.  It is just that good.  It is a song that gets me.  So Thank Jason....your Jam is amazing! 

Yogis Know Best

The Chain of Bachelor Love

Today it was announced (or at least released by someone) that Emily is the new Bachelorette. 

I am quite excited to see Emily again.  However, as I was discussing the big news during my "plan" period today, I realized what a chain of Bach's we have.  And I feel I can only describe this if I draw it out.  Please note....I of course choose to do this on the day that wikipedia is shut down and therefore, I cannot find a resource to double check my answers. So please feel free to correct anything that I may have missed.  

Here we go.

We started with Brad.   

Who in fact did not pick anyone and rejected both Deanna and Jenni...shocking the entire nation with the most dramatic rose ceremony yet.
Next ABC started The Chain of Bachelor Love and gave dear Deanna another chance. 

She picked Jesse and lived a short relationship.  I think she is now married to one of the twins from Jillian's season...but we can't go there right now. 

More importantly, Deanna introduced us to Jason.

And Jason introduced us to the Mesnick.  The Mesnick you may ask is when an adult man keels over crying on national TV.  Repeatedly.

In a moment of pity, ABC picked Jason as the next "Chosen One".  He in turn showed us more Mesnick Moments and finally picked Melissa...

BUT WAIT.  He then changed his mind to pick Molly in the most dramatic After The Rose Ceremony Show ever!! 
They are now married and join the club with Trista and Ryan (the first and really only lasting couple in Bachelor history). 

Back to Jason's season....Jillian, not exactly the runner up since Jason had to claim them BOTH, was the funny down-to-earth Canadian and was announced the next Bachelorette.  

She picked this guy...totally don't remember anything about him.  Did they last?  No Clue. 

But most importantly, out of her season we meet Jake. 

Jake falls fast for American Sweet Heart Ali as the entire nation throws up in their mouth over Vienna.  However, in the end, Golly-Gee-Jake picks Vienna.  

We continue to see their terrible relationship unfold during the most awkward break up ever seen on television.  ABC producers were in heaven.   

But like a ray of sunshine....America's Sweet Heart Ali takes the stage to find her man.   

She picks the hot baseball player, Roberrrrrto.  They are apparently married, but I not caught up on all that gossip yet.  What did the dress look like?  When?  Where??  Tell me!!  (E - is this in one of your magazines that we must read over a glass of wine??)

It was at this point that ABC BROKE THE CHAIN....or Did they???  Instead of giving us Frank or some other dork from Ali's season, they brought back Slow Talking BRAD.  You See....It's always back the BRAD.  

Brad picks America's NEW Sweet Heart Emily and they begin what appears to be their happy ending.  
In the meantime, rejected Tiny and Boring Ashley gives us a season where I thanked God for DVR so I could fast forward through any time where she babbled on.  

Tiny and Boring Ashley finally picks JP...although she seems to talk more about Bentley than anyone else.  (Best Drinking Game Ever)  

The runner up to Tiny and Boring Ashley was our current Bachelor Geico Caveman Ben.  Ben is very blah to me but slowly is starting to warm up.  He does however continue to smooch a LOT of ladies (must have taken notes from Bachelor Bob).  Either way....we shall see how this one plays out. 

And as of today....we are back to Emily. 

So really....now that I think about it and lay it all out, it is not a chain at all.  It is just a crazy web of non-lasting Love.  Well damn. Either way, I hope you could follow along and either learn a thing or two about the Chain of Bachelor Love, or perhaps take a trip down Monday Night Memory Lane. 

OTH and a New Country Jam

First of all...anyone else watch One Tree Hill?  I just watched this season's opener and it is intense!!  I'm a little confused as to when we will see all the flash forward scenes shown at the beginning.  Snip its of fights, deaths, and arrests....so intense and typical OTH craziness that I Oh-So-Love. So thanks WB...I may be 30, but I still love your flicks. 

And what was even more surprising was that "Alex"on the show really does sing.  Her new single featured on the episode is quite catchy especially for us Country-Lovin-Girls.  Even after watching the video, I still have to convince myself that this is not just the actress lip syncing and that it is really her.  Diggin the Jam Jana.  Well Done.

Double Yolk = Double Luck??

So in the last two months, I have purchased and cracked open four double-yolk eggs.  FOUR! 

The Third double-yolk egg was on Thursday.  I posted on facebook how crazy it was and even talked about it to my students because I was so amazed that I had this "luck".  I told them I would bring in candy if I won jackpot. 

And then this morning....I crack open yet another double-yolk egg for breakfast.  I know I eat a lot of eggs, but I don't think I consume some record breaking amount.  So I'm not sure if now it is just getting weird, creepy, or bringing me a lot of luck.  

Either way I have concluded with the following.   1) I am going to win the Lotto.  Don't worry, I already bought tickets for tonights drawing. (Send me good luck vibes).  2) It is all for a big Bronco's win tonight!!!  or 3) I am going to have twins.  Someday.  Because I shall cry my little heart out if that was the case today as I type this.  Perhaps if that is the case any day. 

I am really hoping for the first two. 

Cover Jam of the Week: Dancing With Myself

In my random search this weekend, I came across this Gem of a Song:  Nouvelle Vague - Dancing With Myself.  I would like to add it to my category of "Songs-that-you-dance-like-no-one-is-watching-in-your-underwear-while-singing-into-your-brush-as-it-is-clearly-a-microphone". 

And don't worry my Dearest E...this one is on your playlist to be delivered this weekend.  I promise  ;)

Big Ben Fails at Tebowing

Ten Thoughts for the Weekend

1.  The Broncos beat the Steelers!!!!  What an amazing game!!  And with an 80-yard touch down pass from my Boy Tebow to DThomas!!! Unbelievable!! 



2.  I might have shed a tear (or at least complained as much as possible) as I had to give up my ticket to today's game because I was sick.  Ladies and Gents...that means I was siiiiccckkk.  Not just a cough.  Because not to see my BFF Tebow in person and in action....heartbreaking!!  But at least I was warm in my Bronco Snuggie. 

3.  I finished my first week as a student teacher and absolutely love it.  Still working on learning 170 student names and lesson planning, but I already know that it is all worth and where I am suppose to be.

4.  I am quite excited for this season's Bachelor with Geico Man Ben the Bach.  He is growing on me...as is the drama that ABC always provides.  Looks like we have some villains who like to skinny dip and continued drama with the blogger!  Fantastic. 

5.  I also watched the latest Pretty Little Liars this weekend.  Seriously, it is not to late to watch this one with all the other 14 year-olds.  I am just pleased to know that one of my dearest neighbors is also a PLL fan and I am not the only 30 year-old that indulges in the flick. 

6.  I keep having dreams this weekend about anchors falling on my head.  What does this mean???

7.  Every day this week I drove less than 3 minutes to work and LOVED it.  I even didn't buckle my seat belt for one of the trips and felt like such a rebel!!  (I know...I know.  Most accidents happen close to your house.  I promise it was my only time!).  Just what am I going to do with 2 hours of commuting back in my life???  Yoga? Perhaps cook a week day dinner for the first time in over a year!?  The possibilities are endless. 

8.  I had much needed drinks with my Dearest E this weekend.  We just talked for hours about anything and everything.  We gave each other encouragement, asked questions, and basically reassured ourselves that we are effing fabulous.  Gator Guy doesn't understand that we can just sit on the couch, drink micro brews, and talk.  He and his Bromance Bro instead play darts.  For hours.  Now, that I do not get.

9.  Aside from being sick, I am giddy to go to work tomorrow.  Giddy.  It has been a long time since I have felt that! 

10.  Holy Crap the Broncos won!!!! 

You know you are obsessed when...

You purchase a single ticket and go to a Bronco game solo.  Alone.  


But even though we lost... me, myself and I still had a damn good time at the game!!!

And yes, I even waited with all the other 9 year old boys for all the players to leave in hopes that Timmy would like to wear a BFF necklace...

40% OFF Tebow Shirts

The great thing about my obsession with Timmy Tebow is that I have been lucky enough to become friends with the girl behind the brilliant "I Heart Tebow" shirts.  

I am currently gearing up to head down to Mile High to hand out Tebow Stickers to all the Bronco fans! 

For TODAY ONLY, she is marking 40% OFF all merchandise on www.blueoranges.net So check it out and stock up!!  GO BRONCOS!!!!

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