Ice Ice Baby

Thanks to my new summers-off-schedule, I was able to head to a bar in the burbs Thursday night for a free concert by Vanilla Ice.  Yes...Vanilla Ice.  I started the night without a ticket to get upstairs and ended in the VIP section dancing on stage with The Ice. I'm pretty sure the other girls were all 18-21 but yes, me... the Mom with a 3-year-old rockin; my new white Old Navy beach pants was totally one of them. 
See the girls??  Yeah totally not me.  But I was right there. 
And see the creepy clown to the left of Ice??  There were two of them (both creepy as hell), and they splashed bottles of water on everyone.   Oh yes, this is totally my normal Thursday night.
I honestly don't know any of his other songs besides Ice Ice Baby, and I'm sure he knew that was the general consensus since that song lasted at least 10 minutes.  But I danced my little heart out. I was quite proud to represent my dorky dance moves and I had both V. Ice and some of the crowd doing one of my favorites.  You know...the cat eyes one from Pulp Fiction.  Yes, he totally did it and probably said to himself, WTF?!?!? 
FYI this dance move is called the Batusi from the old school Batman.  I know...your life is totally complete now. 
I also had to add in a few surfer moves on stage and then back on the dance floor.  It only makes sense in my mind, but yes, I look just about like this girl surfin' it out on the floor.  And for your future par-tay nights- if you are at a crowded dance floor it is by far the best way to give your group some space and keep the creepers off.  That or I totally smelled.  Either one, we had plenty of room to shake our groove thang. 


  1. Ice used to race motor cross with my (ex) husband when we lived in Florida. I still think it's so funny to see him preform on stage, or as a celebrity, because to me he was just Rob, the guy who chased his daughter around the track and who's wife just had a baby.

    Course... that "baby" is probably 12 by now....

    You'd be surprised, under the stage persona... he's really just a regular guy.

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