Another Lucky Double

In January, I was on a roll with doulbe yolk eggs.  It was just one after another and I felt like it was something lucky coming my way.  I even bought lotto tickets and was slightly disappointed when nothing happened right away.  However, now that it is June, I realized that luck was pretty darn good to me!!  I finished up my student teaching with two job offers!! And the second is at my DREAM SCHOOL.  Seriously...the place where I want to teach for my career. 

As me and my dearest E say...the stars are aligning. 

This morning I cracked open yet another double yolk.  Not sure what this one will bring, but I am certain it is something fabulous!!!


  1. Love double yolk-ers the kids just find them weird.

  2. I have never seen a double yolker. Time to buy a lottery ticket.

  3. Congrats on your great job offers. Can you get me one now please. Im trying to get out of this repo hell. Anything to get me away from 12 hour days with hour drives each way. And your yolks...funny thing, we bought some farm organic eggs and Tracy cracked four eggs and they were all twins. Awesome.

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