Ryan: Born and Raised in the Capitol

I can't take credit for this...in fact, you must go read, "If You Ask Me...", but it is quite hilarious that she pointed out how much Ryan looks like Seneca Crane from Hunger Games.  Ha!

My favorite line of the night was when he begged the camera guys to edit the clips to show his "true self" and not make him look like an ass.  

To late Ryan.  Too late.
Ps Ryan...your scarf sucks.  So did your teal shoes.


  1. It even made me sick that this guy was from my great state of Ga. What a sucker. His dyed beard. His fagala scarf. Those country chicks in Augusta probably dig his country ass.

  2. Im sorry I forgot to add. WHo in the hell in Ga wears a scarf. Its 90*+ outside.

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