GAFT: Round 2

GAFT continues to overpower us as of late.  And I wish there was a magic potion or something to relieve it.  I suppose if there was, we would have a million kids and no use for Mama Happy Hour. 

This week has been hard.  Perhaps we are STILL recovering from our awesome trip to Disneyland (post to come), or perhaps it is just the GAFT (God Awful Fucking Three's).  Either way, it is difficult. 

How are parents suppose to cope??  What solutions actually work???

We have tried the following:
1.  Firm rules
2.  Timeout
3.  Distractions
4.  Taking away beloved toys
5.  Bribery
6.  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
7.  Cry it out
8.  Cars2
9.  Music
10.  Back rubs
11.  Food
12.  Water break

I am sure some of the expert parents in the world laugh at my list and see that the main thing lacking is consistency.  Whatever.  Screw you expert parents, because this shit can be hard. 

What eventually calmed down the most recent episode of GAFT was some Magic Music.  I explained to Mr. T that when he was a baby, I would play for him two very special songs and it would calm him down.  I have no idea how he heard me with all that screaming, but he was intrigued and wanted to hear the tunes.  So I played a remake of Bridge Over Troubled Waters by Quincy Coleman and Sweet Sweet Baby by Michelle Featherstone.  Worked like a least this time.  And I will store the Magic Music in my GAFT back pocket. 


  1. I feel your fucking pain. Cam turned 4 a few weeks ago...crossing my fingers that GAFF's doesn't commence.

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