Holy Smokes...2012 You Were Packed

Seriously 2012 was The Year of Change.  Here are some of the highlights:
  1. New Career.  Leaving one career for another is scary.  But I could not be more happy
  2. Full Time Gig - And in that new career...I successfully finished student teaching and SCORED a full time J-O-B at my Dream School.  
  3. New House.  We even moved during the first week of school in August.  YIKES!!!
  4. Mr. T started Preschool.  Whoa...my baby boy is all grown up and it still catches me off guard when he walks away sometimes. 
  5. Gator Guy's Job excels.  Seriously, I am proud of that man every day for who he has become.  (PS...it is his birthday!!!  Happy Birthday Bubby!!)
  6. New Car.  It was the first time we have bought a brand new car.  Seriously in love.  My favorite part...having sweet speakers now to jam it out!!!
  7. Trip to CA.  Took Mr. T to San Diego and Disneyland.  I still day dream about how great that trip was.
  8. Completion of my first semester.  I know I keep mentioning this first year of teaching, but everyone said it would be tough and holy crap were they right.  However, I think of it like a good work out - it kicked my ass, but I loved every moment of it as it is my passion and something that will change me forever.   :)

    Thanks for being so great 2012 and for hanging in there during all the craziness!!! 


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