We Have Recovered from GAFT

I have previously mentioned that Mr. T suffers from GAFT.  Yes, the God Awful F*cking Threes.  I know this sounds harsh, but for anyone that had a smooth sailing "Terrible Two's", I believe GAFT is more accurate for the third year.  However, just today, I believe that I can proudly say that Mr. T. has fully recovered.  

My evidence --> He completely put himself to bed.  Now this doesn't sound like a big task, but for a three year old, especially mine, taking his day nap is the end of the world.  It is a battle every day and he cries every time about how much he does not like or does not need his "day-naps".  All I can think and say back is....Oh honey...you need it.  The best scenario is if I can bribe him with him seeing his Little Buddy Paul once he gets up.  See...they are too cute and I'm sure that bribe would work on anyone, however, it is not possible every time.  

But today, as I was putting clothes away in my closet....I heard his music start up.  I just assumed that because he was so darn quiet that he was surely getting into something.  When I walked in....he had tucked himself in and was already asleep.  Seriously.  Asleep.  All on his own!!!  GAFT is no longer.  I might be jinxing myself here, but this is a huge step in our little word.  

Another milestone worth mentioning...he can now wipe his own ass.  Yes.  For parents, this is a huge milestone.  Better write that one down in the baby book.  1/3/13 = Can wipe his own ass and put himself to sleep.  Big day.   


  1. Look at those sweet boys! And Paul will be coming to live with you when he turns 3. Thanks.

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