Team Bonding & Role Models

Each night we take Mr. T for a walk, I look over at all the tiny little football players out at practice. It is just about the cutest little thing ever. And even though I am loving every minute of Ty right now...I just can't wait to see him in huge pads, a nover-sized helmet, and running with a ball that is the size of his head. I just can't wait.

But as I watch the pros and even college players, I wonder why type of athletes will Mr. T will look up to and admire. With the players like Michael Vick, Plaxico Burress, PacMan Jones, and Michael is hard to get excited about his future role models.

But then recently...for the second time in my life (Here is the First) ...I cried while watching ESPN College Game Day. Below is a video of the USC Trojans bonding. Truly bonding.

*Its a little long, so skip ahead to minute 2:30*

I of course will never understand what it feels like to be down on the field in the huddle. But as I watch this video I think how it is such a great character builder that I really want Ty to be a part of. And even though I am frustrated with some of the athletes like Plaxico & Vick, I know that there are others like Tim Tebow, Peyton Manning, Colt McCoy, Brian Urlacher, and Champ Bailey that are not only great football players, but are great in the community. I hope that if T does wish to play some day...he will experience all the great things about being a part of the team!!


  1. I KNOW! RIGHT! -- Seriously --I so wanted that for my son, but although he is a Great Kid and I will love him regardless, no matter what happens, (even if he turns out to be gay) He just does not care about Football the way I did when I was his age!! (9) He doesn't really like Sports at ALL! -- before you have kids you think you can mold them/ teach them but after you have kids you realize they are their own little people with their own ideas and tendancies... (My Dad is an academic type and is all about SCHOOL THIS AND SChool that, and Study Study STudy and I was like just let me get through this bullshit so I can go and play football and baseball etc...

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  4. I think similarly with my little baby boy. I think about what a great experience and character building it is to be a part of a team. Ahhh, they grow up so fast.

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