Can I Touch Your Belly??

I remember it so clearly. The first absolute stranger that touched my pregnant belly. Here I was at 16 weeks and showing very early. I was feeling the burst of 2nd tri energy and in Vail for a conference. I even remembering at one of the cocktail hours, (sipping my water) just absolutely loving the smell of whiskey....seriously, apparently the hormones turn me into Toby Keith's little Whiskey Girl.

Back to the belly touching...

I have never quite understood why a complete stranger would ask to touch someone's belly. Would I ever ask to touch your tattoo, scar, love handles, or double chin?? I don't think so!! And so here I was, talking to one of my favorite IT vendors, when her co worker, asks..."Can I Touch your Belly?"

Of course in my mind he had a James Earl Jones kind of voice that echoed as if he was announcing to be my Father or Mufasa high in the clouds. His leaned across the table with his Ginormous hands that could palm a basketball like it was a child's toy...actually moved my name badge out of the way... and rubbed my belly. Rubbed it. Hello, does my name badge that you just moved out of the way say Buddha? Negative Ghost Rider. I very quickly excused myself...and called it a night.


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