Golly Gee Jake

Ok, so this is not baby, mom, or marriage related...but I just heard from my good friend S, that Jake is going to be the next Bachelor. You might ask, why is this important? Well, its because I have watched every single season of the Bachelor/Bachelorette, even back to the first season of Trista's rejection. And yes, I know that each season gets more and more ridiculous, but I just can't stop. It is like when I watched the first two seasons of Rock of Love. It just ain't Nothin But A Good Time.

Oh yeah....and how great was Jes?!? Loved her.

But back to Jake....Nice guy. Yes, NICE. But goodness he drives me crazy. He definitely caught my eye the first couple of episodes (yay for the pilots), but time after time he kept talking about how prefect he was with his huge crooked smile. Not to mention, I feel like he should have been casted in Leave it to Beaver or Pleasentville. Instead of coming back to throw Wes under the bus, his script should have said:

"Golly Gee, Jillian...I think you are really swell." And then he would give her his class ring and varsity jacket.

If it were up to me (as it should have been), I would have casted my vote for Kipton. Oh...Kipton. Definitely would have enjoyed watching him for an entire season! (Don't you worry hubby...I actually think you look like him!)

So let's be honest, I will watch every episode of the Bach and Love it. Because just like Bret Michaels said, it just Ain't Nothin But A Good Time.


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