Whoa Belly vs Belly Envy

So the grass is always greener on the other side, right? I hear my pregnant girlfriends talk about "Belly Envy". How they so wish they were showing...and therefore a visible reason to why they are feeling like crap.

For me...it was "Whoa Belly". I started showing on day one. Ok, not really...but really freakin early. At the time, I thought that was totally normal. But now that I am watching my two friends go through the 40 weeks and now that I am a part of the Mom Club where I pay attention to other Bumps out there...I now realize why I got all the comments like, "Oh wow, you're only 16 weeks!", "Are you sure there is just one?", "Oh Honey, you are about to Pop".

So here's my progression. * Warning...Below is one Gosslin-Octo-Momish-Belly:

12 weeks
Seriously, this was actually there that early!

16 weeks
This was at a girls weekend in Vail and I remember we were all
freaking out at how huge my belly was....
if we only knew what was to come...

20 weeks
This is the day that we found out Mr. T was going to be a Mr.

24 weeks
Still sporting the "active" look.
Realistically, my activity was walking to and from the lightrail.

28 Weeks

31 weeks
This was 5 days before Bed Rest...
SIX weeks of Best Rest

34 weeks
And yes, there's that bed rest "fat" face
38 weeks
WHOA BELLY - And to think that I still went 2 more weeks after this!!
So who knows just how big I got on the final day...
either way, I can tell you the cameras were put away!
Talk about defying gravity!


  1. Ummmmm, isn't that really a basketball under your shirt? WOW... Just one kid in their?

  2. I realize that your original post is from 2009, but I wanted to let you know that I am SO happy to see another woman with a giant baby belly!! I am constantly getting those comments while moms around me tell me they wish they carried like I did. It's annoying. And then after having my first daughter (10lb4oz and 22inches), I continued to look like my 16 week pregnant self until I got pregnant again. I'm on the same track for another 10 pounder, possibly bigger. Afterward, it will be time for intense diastasis recti exercises!

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