A White Tee Has Never Looked So Good

That's Right.  My soon to be (or in my dreams) BFF Tim Tebow is officially a Bronco!!  And the newest Jockey spokes person.  

Seriously, how great is this pic.  I also see that Timmy is in a barn.  Perhaps he is preparing for our bareback ride across the Rockies.  But either way, I highly enjoyed seeing this picture posted by Titletown T's during my morning Facebook log in (Thanks Lori!!).

And because the White Tee is just oh so great....let's take a moment to glance at other White Tee moments.   

Oops Marky Mark....No White T for you, but this one is just worth sharing  :)  Thanks boys!


  1. So funny! This post made me smile, for sure! Just heard Tebow's Jockey news yesterday from my mom (also a huge Tebow fan)! Glad things are finally official with the man and the Broncos, it's about time! Oh and really enjoyed your tribute to the white shirt!

  2. Why am I such a school girl and continue to get butterflies when I see or watch Zac Efron? Ahhhh...I love the new, young Hollywood.

  3. Yum! Maybe I should have bought the shirt I bought today in white instead of black!

  4. Thank the Lord for the white tshirt! But then again, Timmy looks good in anything! Tell your new BFF that I said thank-you on behalf of all women out there. :)

  5. Thanks girls. Tracey - you couldn't have said it better...Thank the Lord for the White T...and pecks, and abs, and...where do I stop! And yes Jenn - I feel like a little school girls with Efron as well. Or completely inappropriate. Is he 18?!?!? I sure hope so.

  6. Be still my heart! Wow! I will enjoy watching my Bronco's that much more...

  7. Glad I saved this post to read until Monday morning. I may go back and reread it next Monday morning. :-) Yum.

    Also, I'm a Broncos fan. And a Notre Dame fan. And, though my SEC love is the Razorbacks, Florida is my 'other' SEC team and I've always been a Tebow fan. So, Brady Quinn and Tim Tebow at Denver? Yes, please!

  8. Ha, Audreya...you remind me of another point. We may not have Brady...but I must say that our roster is up there for the best looking. Tebow AND Quinn :) Can't wait to see those two in their tight pants! (Swear I watch the game for the game...just don't hurt for the buns either!)

  9. You had me at Tom Brady in a white t-shirt...
    p.s. Can't watch the bach finale until tomorrow so I'm going to avoid all news, Facebook, and your great blog until I've seen the light.

  10. WHAT THE HELL. OK thats it. I want the husband to post some pics of some hot chicks in white. This is crazy and you start it with Tim (NOTHROW) Tebow.

    I demand to hear from the husband.

  11. Great minds think alike. Or just girly Broncos' fans think alike. TEBOWWWW!!!!

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