M&M, You Complete Me

Dear Mike & Mike,
I had a nightmare last night.  It. Was. Awful.  Your show on ESPN2 was canceled.  Gone. I am sure that I shed real tears in my sleep, yelled out some explicit language, or perhaps gave an elbow jab to Gator Guy with my frustration.  My dream reminded of the day that I woke up and found that the World Cup had taken over your channel and time slot and my mood was immediately ruined. I was not able to see your faces and listen to you banter about all things sports as I dried my hair and put on my mascara.  I was truly a nightmare.   So please Mike & Mike, never leave me.  Never.  



  1. My friends Mike and Katie got engaged LIVE on their show!!!!

  2. Holy Moley, that's awesome!! See...I am that super cheesy girl that thinks the sports-game-jumbotron proposal is awesome! I know its not for everyone, but for me...heck ya.

  3. Ps....I saw Awesome way too much in my life. I suppose its better than other expressions.

  4. I listen to them every morning on sirius radio. I love them too. Not as much as you to dream about them but alot.

    Maybe you heard them talking bout your Gator OL that took all that $$$$$$. Yeah...What? Yeah.

  5. @This Daddy - I did hear that this morning. My heart about stopped when I just tuned in and they were talking about Meyer, and I thought, "Oh no, they can't be talking about my precious Tebow, Wright, Cooper, or Hernandez!!"

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